Excellance is well known for ambulances individually-customized to meet the unique requirements of each EMS Agency. This attention to detail extends to very complex vehicles typically used for Critical Care Transports. Cardiac Care, High-Risk Maternal Transport, Neonatal Transfers, and similar special transports of adults and/or children require equipment and reliability that are the hallmarks of an Excellance unit.

Excellance custom-designs a vehicle to meet the exacting requirements of each customer. Our many years of experience provides a level of expertise unmatched in our industry. If you are selecting your first Critical Care unit, it becomes even more important to select an experienced manufacturer.

Once all functions and equipment have been determined, the appropriate chassis can be selected. Mobile ICUs typically demand vehicles with higher payloads, such as the Ford E-450 Type IIIL or the Type I Extra Heavy Duty (EHD) versions mounted on your choice of Ford, GM, International, or Freightliner chassis.

Optional features are limited only by your imagination, requirements, and budget. Some of the more commonly requested items can include:

  • Refrigerators/Sinks
  • “Crash Cart” cabinets
  • Mobile FAX
  • Generators/Inverters
  • Medication Cabinets
  • Headset Intercoms
  • Dual Cot Versions
  • AM/FM/Cassette/CD Systems
  • Custom Seating for 2-6 Staff
  • Cellular Phones/Radios/GPS
  • Special Cot/Isolette mounts
  • Balloon Pump/ECMO Mounts
  • Ventilator/Bio-Medical Brackets
  • Special Cabinet Configurations
  • Dual/Triple HVAC Systems
  • IV Pump Brackets
  • Hydraulic Cot/Isolette Lifts
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Air Ride Suspensions
  • Medical Gas Systems
  • Bio-Hazard Storage

A vast array of warning light packages along with mirror-finish paint schemes and graphics will provide your service with a distinctive image that will be instantly recognized.

Our attention to detail, safety, and ergonomics ensures that your Excellance unit will be a well-designed vehicle that your staff will appreciate. If your agency is purchasing its first Mobile ICU, replacing existing vehicles, or expanding its services, why not give us a call today to see how Excellance can provide you with vehicles you will be proud to own for many years!