This explains the procedures every dealer, repair facility, or customer must follow to receive warranty authorization. It is the goal of Excellance to provide the service to get your unit repaired and taken care of in a prompt and friendly manner.

  1. The problem must be identified.
  2. After the issue has been identified, you then must contact your Excellance Inc. Warranty Representative at 800-882-9799 for the proper warranty authorization to continue with repair.
  3. Any parts that may be needed from Excellance Inc. will be determined and shipped out for proper arrival for repair. We strive to ship all parts the same day we are notified.
  4. You will receive a warranty claim number when the decision has been made it is an Excellance Warranty. You will normally receive your warranty claim number the same day your claim is put in, however, no later than 24 hours.
  5. After the warranty work has been completed, the bill must be sent to Excellance, Inc. with the warranty authorization number attached. If the warranty authorization number is not attached, your payment could be delayed.
  6. When Excellance receives the repair bill, it is referenced against our files and is submitted to accounting for payment to you or to your repair facility (be sure to specify where you would like payment to go).

Excellance strives to build a Quality Emergency Vehicle that is always ready to go. If something does happen and issues arise that keeps this from happening, it is our number one Priority to get this issue repaired as quickly as possible and back on the road to saving lives. With Excellance, you receive the safest Ambulance in the field with customer support second to none.