Life-Saving Innovation

Elegant Design and Powerful Capabilities

  • Save lives, save brain function, save post-hospitalization costs
  • Cut alarm-to-therapy-decision time by half
  • Mobile CT scanner allows onboard diagnostic imaging
  • Onboard telemedicine unit allows communication with hospital personnel
  • Begin thrombolytic treatment during ambulance transport
  • Featured in the Washington Post and the Washington Times
  • Check out more information about the Mobile Stroke Unit here

Truly Groundbreaking Engineering

EXCELLANCE, Inc. has always been on the leading edge of custom-built emergency vehicles, and we continue that tradition with our new Mobile Stroke Unit. Responding to 911 calls that describe suspected stroke symptoms, this special unit will diagnose and treat patients on the scene, often cutting stroke treatment times in half.

This unique ambulance is equippedDSC_0121 with an onboard mobile CT scanner, lab, and telemedicine unit, allowing technicians working in the ambulance to interact with the doctor, and the doctor to interact with the patient, in real time. The doctor is able to see the results of the CT scanner images and quickly make a diagnosis. The rapid diagnosis of the type of stroke determines if the clot-busting medicine tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) should be administered. TPA is used to treat cases of ischemic stroke, which account for 80% of all strokes. When administered quickly, TPA is proven to diminish the effects of stroke, and in many cases, can minimize or completely eliminate any permanent stroke effects. The Mobile Stroke Unit is also equipped for treatment of hemorrhagic strokes.

In the absence of the Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit, a traditional ambulance responds to a stroke patient. These technicians can only attempt to stabilize the patient during transport to the hospital, where the patient can finally be diagnosed with a CT scanner. Valuable time is lost, time which could have been used to administer TPA medication and increase the patient’s chance for a full recovery. (The generally accepted timeframe for administering TPA is within 4.5 hours of the onset of stroke symptoms.)

This new type of emergency vehicle currently operates in Cleveland, Ohio and the results have been astonishing. Many patients who would otherwise have suffered permanent physical or mental damage have emerged from treatment with high praise for the city and medical staff who treated them using the Mobile Stroke Unit.

EXCELLANCE is proud to be part of this cutting-edge approach to emergency medical treatment. We are excited to assist hospitals and emergency organizations implement a program that fits their needs.

Learn how a Mobile Stroke Unit can help your hospital save lives. We have additional links and information that may be helpful in deciding rather a Mobile Stroke Unit is right for your company. You can access this information here.

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