Excellance utilizes aluminum interior cabinets & squad bench (standard on all Excellance bodies) fabricated from tubular aluminum and securely welded (not screwed) to the modular framework. This provides an interior that will not squeak, rattle, warp, crack, rot, or deteriorate like wood, plastic, or fiberglass will. Even the wall panels, sub-floor, and ceiling surfaces are fabricated from aluminum plate to ensure that the patient compartment is safe, durable, and quiet. All wall panels, doors, ceiling, and floor are fully insulated with high-performance insulation to ensure a quiet, temperate environment.

Excellance offers literally hundreds of all-aluminum interior cabinet configurations to suit any patient care situation. Fluorescent lighting, inverters, generators, climate-controlled IV/Drug cabinets, special seating, cot mounts, oxygen/suction systems, Bio-hazard storage, etc. can be provided to meet even the most demanding requirements.

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