You expect excellence of your emergency support personnel…
…you should also expect it of your emergency vehicles!

As with any high quality product, you should expect to pay a little more for an Excellance unit. But paying more for an Excellance unit today will return dividends year after year – saving a substantial amount of money in the coming years!


Quality workmanship, reliability, and dependability = (a) a product with much lower maintenance and repairs, and (b) a product that outlasts the chassis. In addition to lower operating costs, remounting the unit onto a new chassis will save you a substantial amount of money every year.

Avoid down-time. Avoid expensive, ongoing maintenance, and repairs. Avoid all the high costs associated with owning an inferior product. Then enjoy a financial windfall when the chassis is worn out by remounting your Excellance box onto a new chassis – instead of having to purchase a new unit!

The choices are simple: Buy “low bid” and keep paying for it year after year. Or buy the most reliable and durable vehicle that will “pay for itself” many times over!