A growing number of EMS providers require the heavy-duty performance available only from the Golden Eagle Type I EHD. Unlike common light-duty chassis, the EHD will increase your operational efficiency and reduce your overall maintenance and replacement costs. The extremely durable, all-welded aluminum body and interior cabinetry are matched with an agile Heavy-Duty chassis that uses proven long-life engine/transmission combinations along with an over-sized brake system that will withstand the everyday stresses of Emergency Response. With a turning radius that is less than a Type III unit, custom-built chassis from Ford, GM, Chevrolet, International, and Freightliner can provide a wide variety of Horsepower Ratings, Air Ride Suspensions, Interior Trim Levels, and optional equipment to suit any working environment. The Golden Eagle Type I EHD is available with a “pass-through” window or full “walk-through” option for agencies that prefer the same cab-to-module access normally offered by a Type III design. Module lengths can vary from 162-175″ with 69-75″ of headroom and endless choices of interior and exterior storage compartments to suit your requirements.

Exclusive Value Features:

  • .250″ Thick Corner Extrusions form a Six-Sided “Safety Cage” Module Framework
  • Seamless, Aerodynamic, All-Aluminum Welded Modular Body
  • Martin Senour multi-stage Acrylic Urethane Hi-gloss Paint System
  • Continuous-seam welded .125″ Exterior compartments with sweep-out floors
  • Replaceable Bright-finish Aluminum Drip Rails attached without fasteners over all Doorways
  • Three Interior/Exterior Dual-access Compartments permit Maximum Accessibility
  • Low-Maintenance, Heavy-Duty FMVSS Door Latches and “D” Ring Door Handles
  • Oversized Side and Rear Door Tinted Safety Glass Windows for unobstructed visibility
  • Heavy-Duty Rear Bumper with Fold-up Rear Step for easy loading/unloading of roll-in cots
  • Whelen Emergency/Scene Lighting for maximum visibility
  • All-aluminum Welded Interior Cabinetry and Squad Bench for durability
  • Aluminum Wall Panels covered with Hi-impact Formica Laminates
  • Your choice of Cabinetry Configurations including Streetside CPR seat with Dual-position Cot Mounts
  • Aluminum Ceiling Panels with Reinforcement Plates for secure handrails
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Dual-Overhead and Entry Door Grab Rails
  • Eight Flush-Mounted Dual-Intensity Ceiling Lights for maximum brightness
  • Commercial-grade, Seamless Floor Covering extending up sidewalls for easy cleaning
  • 40 oz. Vinyl Upholstery
  • Electronic Corrosion Inhibitor System
  • Dash-mounted Cab Console for “Heads-up” driving safety

Our Exclusive Customer Satisfaction Plan:

  • 2 Years/24,000 Miles Ambulance Conversion Warranty
  • 10 Years/100,000 Miles Electrical Warranty
  • 7 Years/Pro-rated Paint Warranty
  • 25 Year Renewable Structural Warranty
  • Toll-Free Service Hotline
  • Parts Inventory In-Stock
  • Field Service Technicians

Due to a policy of continual product improvement, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.