Excellance manufactures a wide range of all-aluminum modular bodies built with the same attention to detail and rugged construction found in our Premium-Quality ambulances and Rescue Vehicles. These bodies can be designed to accommodate a wide array of situations that demand a safe and reliable vehicle.

Best of all, the same value-added warranties we provide on our ambulances are also offered on our Specialty Vehicles. You’ll discover they are the best in the industry!

Over the years, we have built a wide range of special vehicles for very unusual jobs. Our in-depth experience with manufacturing such vehicles means we can provide you with expertise and premium quality for whatever your situation requires, be it law enforcement, fire suppression, rescue, or industrial assignments.

  • CNG Unit
  • Mass-Casualty Unit
  • Bomb Squad Unit
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • SWAT Transport
  • Mobile Police Station
  • Haz-Mat Response
  • Industrial Safety Unit
  • Mobile Command Post
  • Air Supply & Light Unit
  • Decontamination Unit
  • Mobile Hospital/Clinic
  • SCBA Training Unit
  • Foam Concentrate Supply
  • Dry Chemical Fire Unit
  • Crime Scene Unit
  • USAR (Urban Search & Rescue)
  • Blood Alcohol Testing Unit
  • Fireground Rehabilitation Unit
  • PPV Fan Unit
  • Mobile Water Supply (Pump/hose)
  • Communications Unit

These vehicles can be designed for installation on a suitable chassis of your choice. They can also be developed as part of a multi-purpose POD (Platform on Demand) system that incorporates a few Hook-lift style transporters with a selection of POD bodies designated for specific responses. Body sizes can range from as small as 9′ to as large as 30′. This method can provide you with a cost-effective way to respond to a wide variety of special response emergencies. Some clients may choose to cost-share the transporters between different municipal departments and develop PODs for their specific departments.

Excellance can also provide all of the necessary rescue and haz-mat equipment you need for your vehicle. Lease Purchasing from Excellance is an excellent way to get the rig you really need equipped to handle the emergencies in your community.

Contact an Excellance specialist today to develop your next Specialty Vehicle.