Excellance is the leading manufacturer of premium-quality emergency vehicles. Many EMS providers have budgets that force them to buy a “low-bid” vehicle instead of selecting an Excellance unit. Why compromise when you can select the quality of an Excellance unit? Our financing programs put this essential vehicle in your fleet at a price you can afford. A lease-purchase can also include all the equipment you need for this vehicle. Why spend capital funds or borrow money at high interest rates when you can make smaller payments over the life of the vehicle?

One Source

Excellance knows emergency vehicles. We have the tools to provide what you need now without the hassles that traditional purchasing methods involve. We can help you stretch your budget if you have wrecked a vehicle, need to expand your fleet, or are simply replacing an existing vehicle. 100% leasing for the vehicle with no down payment makes it easy to purchase an Excellance unit. Call us if you must expand your service area on short notice but don’t have readily available funds to obtain all the necessary vehicles and equipment.

Financial Specialists

Excellance has a wide array of lease options to best suit your organization. Career or volunteer, commercial or non-profit, we have a financing plan to suit your needs. Excellance has simplified the process and will help you each step of the way. All leases meet legal and tax requirements for your area. For municipal leases, a non-appropriations clause is included. Best of all, you don’t have to shop around to find the best rates without the hidden “commissions” some dealers include in their financing packages.

Fast Action

Once your application is completed, approval is very fast. Payment schedules are tailored for your specific needs. Ambulance leasing is typically 3-5 years and rescue trucks can be extended as long as 10 years. Payments can begin when you accept the new vehicle or be delayed for as long as 18 months after delivery. Payments can coincide with maturity dates on CDs, fundraising activities, or budget periods. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment dates are available to suit your funding cycles. Best of all, you own the vehicle at the end of the lease.

Why compromise when you can select the quality of an Excellance unit? Contact an Excellance representative to see how Lease-Purchasing can put you in the vehicle you need today!