General Warranty Information

At Excellance, we build the finest quality ambulances in the industry, and we stand behind our products with the most comprehensive warranty available. Our employees take pride in their work and it shows in every emergency vehicle that we build.

We invite you to read our warranty and compare it to others available in the industry. We think you will find that there is no comparison.

Warranty “Quick Facts”

What is covered?

  • 25 years – Body frame
  • 25 years – Sub-floor structure
  • 25 years – Exterior skin
  • 25 years – Exterior compartments
  • 25 years – Interior cabinetry
  • 25 years – Squad bench framing
  • 10 years – Main vehicle wiring harness and battery harness cable
  • 10 years – Bosch relays
  • 10 years – Circuit breakers
  • 10 years – Voltmeters
  • 10 years – Ammeters and shunts
  • 10 years – Switches
  • 10 years – Battery disconnect switches
  • 10 years – Solenoids
  • 10 years – Diodes, rectifiers, and heat sinks
  • 10 years – All terminal strips and Amp multi-pin electrical connectors
  • 10 years – All wire terminals
  • 10 years – Magnetic door switches
  • 7 years – Paint: peeling, cracking, checking, loss of gloss, and any paint failure caused by improperly applied finishes
  • 2 years – Molding and windows
  • 2 years – Upholstery and flooring
  • 2 years – Doors and door securing hardware

Excellance’s warranty for the above items will be voided if there is any alteration to the part, physical damage, normal wear and tear, abuse and misuse, or failure to maintain the item. See Owner’s Operating Manual and written warranty for details.

What is not covered?

Transportation expenses to or from any repair facility is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and is not covered by Excellance.

Vehicle chassis, chassis components (such as tires, belts, hoses, filters, light bulbs, etc.), and cab body are covered under warranty by the original equipment manufacturer.

All components and systems manufactured by others and installed by Excellance (excluding those individual parts specifically identified as being covered by Excellance) are covered by the representative system and component warranties of the manufacturer who made that system or component. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Batteries
  • Light Bars
  • Third party electrical components and systems
  • Electrical lighting systems, light bulbs, and flashers
  • Alternators and alternator systems
  • Chassis air conditioning systems
  • Generators
  • Sirens
  • Inverters
  • Auto ejects
  • Power supplies
  • Air ride systems

The individual manufacturers of these items should be contacted to file a warranty claim for these components and systems.