Ten-Year (100,000 Mile) Electrical Warranty

Subject to the provisions, limitations, and conditions set forth in this warranty, Excellance, Inc., hereby warrants to each original purchaser only, that the Excellance supplied electrical equipment as listed below are sound and free of all defects of both materials and workmanship for 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first, providing it remains in possession of the original purchaser and is in operation by said purchaser. This electrical equipment includes: magnetic door switches, all wire terminals, main vehicle wiring harnesses and battery harness cables, Bosch relays, switches, automatic and/or manual reset circuit breakers, voltmeters, ammeters, shunts, battery disconnect switches, solenoids, diodes, rectifiers, heat sinks, all terminal strips, and AMP multi-pin electrical connectors.

Items not covered under this warranty are batteries, generators, sirens, inverters, light bulbs, flashers, lightbars or any component thereof, and third party electrical components or systems. Batteries, light bars, third party electrical components or systems, and alternator systems are covered by representative warranties.

The above warranty is transferable upon changeover of the body to a new chassis, providing Excellance, Inc. performs the work. In the case of the sale of the vehicle, the warranty is also transferable to the new owner, provided that an inspection and registration of the vehicle is performed by Excellance or an Excellance approved representative.

Should repairs become necessary under the terms of this warranty, the extent of that repair shall be determined solely by Excellance and shall be performed by Excellance or a repair facility designated by Excellance. The expense of any transportation to or from such repair facility shall be the responsibility of the purchaser, and is not an item covered by this warranty.

This warranty is conditioned upon normal use and reasonable maintenance of such equipment; prompt written notice of all defects to Excellance or one of its then authorized dealers in the area; not repairs or additions thereto except by Excellance or authorized by it; said defect not resulting from misuse, negligence, accident, abnormal wear and tear, and alteration of the original parts or adjustments by customer or third parties. Improper radio equipment installation will void the electrical warranty. If any such conditions are not complied with, this warranty shall become void and unenforceable.

Excellance reserves the unrestricted right at any time to make changes in the design of and/or improvements on its products without thereby imposing any obligations on itself to make corresponding changes or improvements in or on its products previously manufactured.

Exclusions and Limitations: This manufacturers warranty is provided in place of any and all other representations, expressed or implied warranties. Note that components manufactured by others and installed by Excellance shall be covered by representative warranties. No person is authorized to make any representations of warranty on behalf of Excellance or any of its distributors other than set forth in this manufacturer’s warranty. Your right to service and replacement of parts on the terms expressly set forth herein are you exclusive remedies and neither the manufacturer nor any of its distributors shall be liable for damages, whether ordinary, incidental, or consequential. The vehicle chassis, chassis components, and applicable body of cab will be warranted in accordance with the standard chassis warranty policy by the manufacturer, normal or extended.