An Excellance Emergency Vehicle is designed and built to provide decades of reliable service.  When the chassis is no longer economical to operate, the module body is easily transferred to a new chassis.

Some of the many benefits of remounting your Excellance body are:

  • When Excellance remounts your Excellance module onto a new chassis, the 25-year structural warranty is automatically renewed for another 25 years.
  • Savings of 30-40% versus a new unit.
  • Many existing Excellance modules have been remounted 5 or more times onto new chassis and are still in service today.
  • A comprehensive range of remounting services from a simple chassis replacement to an extensive refurbishment and remodeling of the module.
  • Like new units, all work is done entirely within our facility including upholstery, HVAC, electrical, etc.
  • Some of the typical remount work Excellance performs are:
    • Type I to Type III Ambulance Conversions
    • Type III to Type I Ambulance Conversions
    • Brand of chassis change
    • Wreck and body damage repair
    • Exterior compartment and interior cabinetry modifications
    • Complete strip, refinish, repaint, and graphics
    • New suspension systems
    • HVAC system replacements and upgrades
    • Complete upholstery replacement
    • and many more