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Defective Parts Warranty Claim Instructions

Please know that Excellance is committed to providing outstanding customer service and will ship your replacement part as quickly as possible. To provide you with the finest possible service, the following procedure must be followed.

  1. No warranty is given for defects resulting from conditions beyond Excellance’s control including, but not limited to, misuse, overloading, or failure to use the part properly. No warranty is given for defects caused by accidents, unlawful vehicle operation, or defects caused by the user’s failure to use the component or part properly.
  2. It is important the defective part is identified correctly. Please provide a complete and detailed description of the defective part. Fax the completed form to Excellance.
  3. The defective part must be returned by Excellance to the factory that manufactured the part.
  4. The warranty department will complete the proper paperwork to have the replacement part sent to you.
  5. You will have five business days from the receipt of the replacement part in which to return the defective part to Excellance. Parts returns are tracked in the warranty database, and parts not returned will be invoiced.

Why do defective parts need to be returned to Excellance? Because Excellance must either pay the manufacturer of the part for the replacement or return the defective part to them for credit. If the part is not received by Excellance in a timely manner, we may not be able to return it to the manufacturer for credit or replacement.

In the event the factory determines that either the part is not defective or the part has been altered (attempted repairs or modifications) which void the warranty, you will be charged for the replacement part.

Please contact Excellance directly should you have any questions regarding your warranty claim.