Q. How thick is the aluminum corner post for the module?

A. Excellance uses ¼ inch thick aluminum extrusions. Thinner corners will not provide the safety or durability of the ¼ inch aluminum extrusions used by Excellance.

Q. How do you attach the aluminum skin to the module frame?

A. Excellance drills holes through the skin over the aluminum tubing and plug-welds the skin to the frame.

Q. How do you attach the aluminum skin to the corner post?

A. Excellance continuously welds every seam around the exterior of the module and skip welds the skin on the interior with a 1″ weld a maximum of 4″ apart.

Q. Does your module body have seams in the exterior corners of the module, around doors, and around door frames?

A. Excellance units are entirely seamless, resulting in a stronger body that is easier to clean. This also eliminates starting points for corrosion.

Q. How do you build the interior cabinets in the patient compartment?

A. Excellance’s interior cabinets are built from welded aluminum with tubular framing. They are welded in place to the structural frame of the module, not attached with drywall screws.

Q. How do you attach your interior cabinets to the module frame?

A. Excellance welds the cabinetry to the module structure.

Q. How do you build the squad bench structure?

A. Excellance builds it out of welded aluminum.

Q. How is the squad bench structure attached to the module?

A. Excellance welds the squad bench structure to the structure of the module.

Q. Is the modular body, cabinetry, and squad-bench a monolithic, unitized structure?

A. Excellance can answer “yes”.

Q. What is your warranty on the module structure?

A. Excellance warrants the structural integrity of the module, interior cabinet structure, and squad bench structure for 25 years. This warranty will automatically be renewed for another 25 years each time the unit is returned to Excellance for remounting on a new chassis. (See warranty for details and exclusions.)

Q. How do you install the floor in the patient compartment?

A. Excellance will extend the floor linoleum two feet up the sides of the patient compartment so the linoleum is seamless where the floor meets the wall.

Q. How is the interior skin of the patient compartment made?

A. Excellance’s ceiling is painted aluminum and the walls are Formica over aluminum – instead of fiberglass or plastic.

Q. What types of exterior door latches do you use?

A. Excellance uses 206 latches – eliminating cables that break and get out of adjustment.

Q. What type of exterior door handles do you use?

A. Excellance uses D-rings.

Q. How are the exterior door latches attached?

A. Excellance uses direct handle-to-latch connections instead of rods or cables to prevent bending and stretching.

Q. Where do you install door seals?

A. Excellance installs door seals on the door to prevent damage to the seal from objects entering or leaving the compartment.

Q. Are your vehicles certified by an independent engineering firm that the ambulances meet the government’s latest revision of KKK-1822 specifications?

A. Excellance units are certified to meet or exceed KKK-1822 specifications by Atlanta Testing & Engineering of Norcross, Georgia and Certified Inspection Services, Inc. of Buford, Georgia.

Q. Can your company receive performance bonds? Who is your bonding company, and what is its “rating”?

A. Excellance receives performance bonds from Kemper Insurance Companies – with a rating of “A XIV” by A.M. Best Key Rating Guide. An “A” financial rating is “excellent” and XIV refers to size of surplus.

Q. How long has your company been in business?

A. Excellance began business in 1975.

Q. How long has your company been under the same ownership?

A. Excellance has the same ownership and management team since 1975.