No matter where you are, when your patient needs medical care, quality support you can count on becomes as critical as the life involved. You expect excellence of your emergency support personnel, and you expect it of your emergency vehicles. At Excellance, we build excellence from the ground up.

Excellance has manufactured the finest, top-of-the-line modular ambulances for easy changeovers since 1975. Our reputation for outstanding quality and value are well known throughout the industry.

Attention to detail by our craftsmen results in workmanship that surpasses all expectations. We build with pride. We build the best.

Excellance provides the best measurable benefits for your dollar and stands behind its products with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry that includes an impressive 25-year warranty on the module, squad bench, and interior aluminum cabinet structure.

Excellance units are solid. Structural members consist of 1 x 2 and 2 x 2 inch tubular aluminum extrusions. Walls and extrusions are a full 1/8″ thick. Aluminum corner posts are 1/4″ thick. The result is the strongest module available, providing maximum protection for both patients and attendants.

Our 2″ thick doors are specially designed with double surface sealing to prevent water and dust seepage. The door seal is mounted on the door instead of the jamb to prevent seal damage when equipment is moved in or out of the compartment.

Our modules feature continuous welding of exterior compartments, which have a no-lip sweep out construction. This feature is popular among squad members as it allows easy equipment removal and vehicle cleaning with minimum risk of injury and back strain.

The .090 and 1/8″ thick, continuously welded aluminum that is used to form the compartments prevents compartment leakage and contributes to the structural integrity of the entire module.

Our insistence on reliability carries over to the electrical systems as well. Only quality components are used in our electrical systems. An organized panel provides easy access to terminal blocks, circuit breakers, and solenoids.

Each GXL wire is color and function coded every four inches, which makes electrical diagnostics a breeze. GXL high temperature wire with fire resistant loom is utilized to prevent heat damage.

Excellance has centralized switching and electrical components in the front and rear consoles. The consoles are also hinged for easy removal and maintenance.

As with the module, interior cabinets are built with equal durability in mind. The same tubular structural members used in the body are welded into a cabinet frame to ensure a uniform, permanent, and strong yet lightweight cabinet structure.

We install the cabinets complete with aluminum shelves. All cabinetry is welded to the structural components of the module to create a stable and integral substructure. This is yet another innovation that has made Excellance an industry leader. The result is that the same 25 year structural warranty that covers the module and squad bench also covers the cabinetry. The extensive welding improves the strength of the module, while enhancing appearance, performance, and durability.

Excellance’s modules are ideally suited for remounting and refurbishing when the time comes. Each time your unit is remounted by Excellance, the warranty is automatically renewed and extended another 25 years.

The exterior of the unit is painted with Martin Senour paint – the finest and most durable paint available. Martin Senour offers superior gloss as well as excellent corrosion resistance and overall durability. Our two step priming process is prepared for topcoating by careful hand sanding. Two coats of Autocryl topcoat are then applied.

Inside the unit, our functional and attractive interiors make Excellance the first choice of emergency personnel. Customers may select from a variety of interior colors and customized features.

We offer features such as a center cot mount, 72 inches of headroom, and a hinged squad bench for extra storage.

Excellance has the ability to customize our vehicles with any special option you desire. Outstanding craftsmanship makes Excellance the natural choice for those expecting quality workmanship and lasting value.

Excellance has manufactured some of the largest and most complex emergency vehicles ever put into service. The Major Emergency Response Vehicle, custom-made for New York City, is one of the most impressive units ever built. Capable of transporting 12 patients, it is the world’s largest medical response vehicle.

Numerous unique and highly customized emergency vehicles have been produced, including special units designed for the countries of the Ukraine, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

Can your department risk facing an emergency while one of your conventional units sits idle?

Thoroughly testing every unit before it leaves our factory allows you to avoid expensive down-time, ongoing maintenance, repairs, and all of the high costs associated with owning an inferior product. Investing in an Excellance unit will return dividends year after year with its quality workmanship, reliability, and dependability.

Excellance supports its customers with a vast parts inventory, a toll-free service hotline, and technicians ready to do whatever it takes to answer your service related questions.

If a part fails and time is critical, Excellance can deliver the replacement part and the service personnel by corporate aircraft.

A nationwide network of distributors providing local service and support concentrate on the total job, not just the sale.

Excellance produces high quality emergency vehicles with attention to detail that easily satisfies all of the emergency medical needs expected of your organization. A handcrafted vehicle from Excellance provides reliability and durability unmatched by anyone. It is an exceptional value and sound investment.

Can other manufacturers match our standard features?

  • Continuous and skip welding to secure the exterior skin to corner posts
  • Welded aluminum cabinetry and squad bench
  • Continuously welded, no lip exterior compartments
  • Two inch thick exterior doors
  • 25-year structural warranty on the module, squad bench, and interior aluminum cabinet structures – a warranty that we’ll update at the time of unit remount.

The Excellance high tech integrated design exceeds federal specification

When you put Excellance side by side with any other emergency vehicle there is just no comparison.

You have the right to receive the best possible value for your investment. You deserve a quality product built for high performance and long, dependable service. Purchase an Excellance unit and you’ve chosen rugged reliability that has been performance engineered from the ground up.